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Asbestos Abatement

Private dwellings, hospitals, industrial complexes, and commercial structures - no Asbestos Abatement Project is too big or too small for OCL. We can assist in the design and implementation of any size project. We work closely with Consultants, demolition contractors, sub-trades, authorities, and all stakeholders to ensure the safe completion of all remediation projects.

Mould Remediation

OCL is available to determine the source cause of mould intrusion, develop a remediation strategy and assist in the retaining of sub-trades to rebuild affected areas. Our emergency response service puts us on scene to minimize the extent of the damage and stabilize the area.


Maintaining the integrity of FireRated Assemblies poses a challenge in new construction, retrofits and code upgrades. OCL can assist in the design and installation of Firestop systems. We are continually updating our database of listings and products to effectively consult on and execute any size project - commercial, residential or industrial.

Hazmat Cleanup

Lead paint, lead dust, bio-hazards, animal droppings and other Hazardous Materials can be effectively assessed, removed, and disposed of by the team at OCL. Working with authorities, consultants, and stakeholders,  we will ensure that your concerns are addressed in a safe and timely fashion.



D. Owen Construction Ltd commenced operations in June 2000, and is incorporated with Dan Owen as President and sole owner. Since then, Owen Construction (OCL) has seen consistent growth in client base, revenue, and employee roster. Our management structure was honed during the first five years of operations, and since then has evolved into a highly effective, efficient, and streamlined business model that can readily adapt to fluctuations in workload.  


Along with the high-level staff that has been carefully cultivated throughout the years, Dan treats employees, customers, suppliers, and fellow trades with respect and consideration. It is his belief that what sets one company apart from others is the relationship it develops with the people they employ. OCL has always strived to employ ‘The Best’, and to cultivate a culture of best practices, safety, integrity, and inclusion. We have a highly trained, long-term workforce and we pride ourselves on a very low turnover rate.


On each project, no matter the size, we commit ourselves to providing excellent service while completing the project within budget and on time.


On-Site Management

While HAZMAT Abatement in itself is not "hazardous", the mention of the word "asbestos" or "mould" does instill uneasiness in those not familiar with the technology and operating procedures of the abatement industry. Our Prime Objective as a service provider is to actuate the required legislated transparency while maintaining the confidence of all project stakeholders. Simply put - we will provide the services required with care and discretion.

Quality Assurance

OCL has a robust "Self Inspection" policy. All workers are encouraged to participate in Toolbox Meetings & Hazard Assessments. Engaging and encouraging all levels of employees to regard the worksite as "Their Own" is reflective of our corporate policy. Our On Site Project Manager will ensure that jobs are properly executed and close-out documents submitted. Our Field Manager conducts monthly site inspections in keeping with our COR requirements.

Emergency Response

We are pleased to offer an emergency response service. Within one hour of receiving an emergency call for service we will respond with a phone call (if we had not answered the original call). Within two hours of receiving an emergency call for service we will have people and equipment on site.

Health and Safety

D. Owen Construction Ltd is COR compliant and as such has received a Certificate of Recognition from the Alberta Construction Safety Association. The most essential and basic component of the certification is a written health and safety policy. All Foremen  have an electronic version of this document.



The OCL Vision is of a company set apart from its competition. We seek to be ‘The Best’ in all aspects of our business. Our employees are among The Best paid in the industry. We have The Best workers who are highly skilled and talented at their trade. We have The Best working environment. We have one of The Best safety records. Our employees maintain the following certification: Asbestos Training Ticket, Leadership for Safety Excellence, Standard First Aid, WHMIS, Fall Arrest, Occupational Health and Safety for the Asbestos Worker, and Aerial Platform Training.


Our management structure was honed during the first five years of operations, and since then has evolved into a highly effective, efficient, and streamlined business model that can readily adapt to fluctuations in workload. Dan Owen has over 30 years of experience in asbestos abatement and remediation.


OCL is fully insured. We maintain $5,000,000 general liability insurance, as well as $5,000,000 pollution legal liability insurance. Our policy was specifically written for asbestos abatement. A certificate of insurance is available at any time upon request. 

cor certified

OCL is an active and enthusiastic participant in the Alberta Construction Safety Association’s ‘Partnership in Injury Reduction’. We have attained and maintained our Certificate of Recognition (COR). Internal audits are completed annually with an external audit every three years.


Safety is our number one priority. We have utilized OHS Legislation, WHMIS guidelines, the standard Alberta Asbestos Abatement Manual, and our over eighteen years of experience to create a comprehensive Safety Program. We are registered with WCB, and a clearance letter can be provided upon request. 



For any inquiries, questions, or for more information, please call: 403-936-0083 or fill out the following form

Thank you! Someone will respond to your message as soon as possible.

Field Office

4312 Ogden Road SE, Bay 5

T2G 4V3

Calgary, AB 

Mailing Address

PO Box 54 

Langdon, AB T0J 1X0

Tel: 403-936-0083

Fax: 403-936-5535

Get a quote: 403-936-0083
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